Latest Report


March 2019

It was wonderful to welcome so many members at our March meeting. It was not a nice night to venture out either with rain and blustery winds. I was sad to report that our treasured and oldest member Arthur Kennett is now being cared for in Beggars Roost so unable to attend at present. Our very own website manager Hugh Fiske has put the Classes from the August Show schedule online. Stephanie is just waiting for a couple of sponsors to confirm their support and then the whole Schedule will be on the website and available thereafter at the usual outlets.

Our Speaker for the evening was John Goodspeed who came as an Ambassador from the British Trust for Ornithology. His slides were delightful and the evening was serenaded with birdsong! I’m sure we all gained a great deal of knowledge about taking care of our birds. He encourages everyone to join in with the daily garden birdwatch which helps track the movements of birds and the numbers in decline. I now know that I must be vigilant about cleaning my feeders and if brave enough feed them live meal worms (ugh!). If you are interested in finding out about the Trust and how you can join the birdwatch you will find details on their website.

On April 11 Andy Thomas will be with us to speak on Unexplained Mysteries and Cover Ups. Some of our members may remember a few years ago he gave us a very entertaining talk on Crop Circles. I think it is nice to ring the changes occasionally and have a talk about something completely different!

A reminder, as you hopefully will be starting your spring gardening soon, to pot up any surplus plants ready for the Plant Sale and Coffee Morning on 11 th May.

Happy gardening!

Rozie Bradley