Latest Report


November 2018

Every year the members of the Committee scratch their heads to try and find a formula to encourage the members to come to the AGM! It is always difficult to find a speaker prepared to come out on a dark, wet November evening to speak for a maximum of 35 minutes! So this time we changed the normal format to make it more of a social evening as well. Members were welcomed with a glass of wine and nibbles and then following the AGM business side of the meeting, they enjoyed coffee and cake. Those wonderful Gick sisters (what would Bosham do without them?)

Linda and Rachel brought along their craft stall with their wonderful array of homemade tablecloths, sock monkeys (I think my granddaughter has almost the entire collection!) bags, purses etc. A lot of Christmas shopping was done on the evening! It seemed to go very well and persuading them all to leave in time for the next group who had booked hall, proved a challenge! The Committee feel that the social side of the Society is as important as the horticultural side!

Our 13th December meeting is of course the Christmas party which is always a favourite. The Buffet this year will be provided by the Committee along with the wine. So just come along and enjoy the evening and try my Annual Christmas Quiz!! You know you love it! Especially when I give the answers out at the same time as the questions like last year! Must try harder!


and of course anyone who reads my articles! The Committee are so grateful to the local magazines who publish these articles and help to encourage people to come along to our evenings. We know it makes a difference as we have had 12 new members this year.

Rozie Bradley