Latest Report


June 2020

Another a month of lockdown gone but still we seem no further on in our quest for a get together! July’s meeting is already cancelled and sadly we have had to cancel our Annual Show which was scheduled to take place on the 8 th August. A decision that the committee did not make lightly. The uncertainty in the months ahead with regard to the numbers of people permitted at a gathering, the social distancing (even it was reduced to one metre) and the distinct possibility of the Village Hall still being closed made it all impossible. We hung on as long as possible and were the last in the area to admit defeat! We will pull out all the stops to make next year’s Show one to remember!!

I notice many gardeners in the area are deciding to turn to growing their own vegetables this year, not for showing but for eating!! Wonderful and to be encouraged! It is such a rewarding thing to do and will benefit the whole family. So many of our vegetables in the supermarkets come from thousands of miles away and flown or transported by lorry to the UK which is certainly not good for the environment and usually means they are picked before they are ripe and thus lack flavour. If even this one change results from lockdown then it will be a change for good. Another good idea is to support your local farm shops or greengrocers who tend to sell more locally sourced vegetables and  fruit. Thanks to everyone who supported me and bought the plants grown and delivered by David Standing. I enjoyed delivering them on to everyone and taking a quick peep at their beautiful gardens (at a social distance OF COURSE!)

Monty Don’s tips for July: Cut back early flowering perennials to encourage fresh regrowth and repeat flowering in a couple of months’ time. Remember to feed pots and containers as by now they will have exhausted the nutrients from the compost they were planted in. (seaweed or liquid tomato feed) Remember to pick your sweet peas regularly to extend their growing season. Nothing better than a posy of sweet peas on the kitchen table! Once your rambling roses have finished flowering, remove any very old or damaged shoots, cutting them back to the ground. Once pruned give them a good mulch. After rambling on (do you like my pun?!) far too much, I must now go and sort out my very overgrown flowerbeds after all that early rain and very hot spring. 

Enjoy your gardening – it’s such wonderful occupational therapy which totally absorbs the mind during these dreadful times.

Rozie Bradley