Competition Rules & Organisational Matters

Monthly Meetings: will be held on the second Thursday in each month unless otherwise stated. Competition entries should be telephoned between 6-9 pm as per newsletter. Late entries will be accepted but must be entered at the meeting by 6:45 and in place by 7 pm or they will not qualify.

Complaints: Any member having cause to complain may do so to the Judge's Steward at the meeting.

Points Awarded: 1st - 4 points; 2nd - 3 points; 3rd - 2 points; Highly Commended - 1 point

Prize Money: 1st prize - 50p; 2nd prize - 40p; 3rd prize - 30p
All competitions will be judged at 7:00 pm and lectures will commence at 7:30 pm unless otherwise stated.

Competition Points: Competition points will be awarded to coincide with the Society's financial year.

Exhibits: It is understood that everything shown at the monthly meeting and at the Annual Show is of the exhibitor's own growing, except where the programme or schedule state otherwise. The committee reserve the right to inspect any exhibitor's garden or allotment. All exhibits where possible should be named. Cut flower exhibits to be in society vases unless specified.

Floral Arrangements: An Exhibit - Natural plant material should predominate, and need not be home grown with the exception of the Mrs Hamblin Challenge Cup. The exhibit must be contained within the space as specified, with or without accessories. Bases, containers, drapes, title cards, backgrounds, mechanics and more than one placement may always be included in the exhibit unless otherwise stated. No more than £5 can be spent on fresh flowers.

Interest Section: Anything of horticultural interest may be exhibited in this section and to encourage more exhibits no advance notice is necessary. Entry cards can be obtained from the Late Entry Steward at the meeting. Points will be given and the member gaining the most points over the year will be awarded the Interest Section Cup.

Trophies: All the Society's challenge cups, etc., are perpetual trophies of the Society. A challenge cup is held by the winner for one year only. No cup may be taken from the Society until an official receipt has been signed by the winner of the cup.

Talks: It is hoped that members will use their privileges to bring guests to the meetings. A charge of £1 will be made for visitors.

Produce Stall: Will all members support this to their ability by a) providing produce for sale (the Society will keep 20% of the sale price) or b) making purchases at the stall, as this is a further means of obtaining funds for the benefit of the Society.

District Distributors: Have the authority to help the Hon. Treasurer by collecting subscriptions in their districts, and will obtain an official receipt from the Hon. Treasurer. Will members who receive their monthly letters by post please send their subscription to the Hon. Treasurer.

Flowers for Special Occasions: The Society wishes to send a gift to members who have been in hospital, also on the occasions of Golden Weddings and bereavements. The committee would be most grateful to hear of such cases and notification should be made to Mrs R. Bradley (576057) or any commitee member.